There And Bach Again: How Do You Make Yourself A Fugue Without Organs?

by Supercomposer



[Supercomposition for 44 Videos in Three Movements]

First Movement: Toccata (13:26)
Second Movement: Adagio (13:24)
Third Movement: Fugue (15:44)

This piece was originally composed and performed in real-time for CoLaboRadio as part of the CuratingYouTube and Gridr projects. Many thanks to Sarkowski. More information here:

This represents the first completed performance of 'There And Bach Again'. However, this version should not be considered definitive. Like any generative composition, virtually endless permutations of the work can exist - of any length and combination.

1. Open the video grids for Movements 1, 2 and 3 at
2. Play the bottom right video of Movement 1. Start each subsequent video as you desire, moving chronologically from right to left, up the grid. Always keep at least two (or more) videos playing simultaneously.
3. Once all 16 videos of Movement 1 have been started, repeat the process for Movement 2.
4. Repeat the process for Movement 3.
5. End when all 44 videos have completed playing.

An alternative version of the score can be performed ignoring the chronology of the works, moving between the three movements as desired. Furthermore, although the grids at were used for the first performance of this piece, as long as you have versions of all 44 of Bach's fugues for organ sourced from YouTube (arranged in movements of 16, 16 and 12) the composition retains its integrity.

If you make your own and record the results, please send them to me at I'd love to hear them.



released February 19, 2013



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